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Sean X

CMO, Growth Advisor, Startup Mentor
(Editorial Board)

Marketing mastermind and agent of change, Sean X has been looking into the future where brands, technology, and media intersect—and manipulating the present to get there—for more than two decades. A hacker-geek with a marketing degree, and a member of Mensa, there are few if any technologies he not only understands but is conversant in fluently. A futurist, he believes in the future and the ability to make our most optimistic and inspired ideas of the future a reality—be it through CRISPR, blockchain, AI/ML, Quantum Computing, or a host of other emerging technologies.

A fan of the Oxford Comma and Digital Privacy, Sean X is currently CMO at Embroker, a digital insurance company reinventing how businesses protect themselves to enable them to take the risks they need to grow.

Sean X
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