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Kendall Allen Rockwell

Principal, Influence Collective, LLC + Associate Partner at WIT Strategy

In her day-to-day, Kendall Allen Rockwell runs the firm she established about 13 years ago, Influence Collective, LLC, advising and supporting media and tech entrepreneurs, typically working cooperatively with like-minded independent firms. She serves clients throughout the East Coast, Midwest and abroad in the UK and Germany, with primary collaborations including WIT Strategy, where she also is an Associate Partner as well as Broadsheet Communications.

Her nearly 30-year business chapter spans print, digital, publisher and agency realms. Kendall first covered emergent media tech in the San Francisco Bay Area as an independent journalist obsessed with the broadening landscape, rooting herself in the coverage of and then as a builder in the domain where she now advises others.

Moving from print to digital as this new industry was forming, she helped establish new companies in the space and was particularly active in the digital ad agency realm. After several years building, managing or advising independent agencies or divisions in New York City, she established the independent Influence Collective and has never gone back to company life. Three years ago, she and her husband Blake moved to Detroit, taking residence in the historic Palmer Woods, which Kendall now calls both home and office – continuing her client work, coast-to-coast and around the world.

While she has contributed heavily to the trade editorial coverage and Op-ed content of the industry she serves, her journalistic career and literary studies precede this – having completed a Master of Arts in British Literature and then a Master of Science in Journalism, the latter from the highly regarded Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. As she began building her post-graduate career she continued to freelance for a number of publications over the years.

Currently, Kendall is working on compiling and publishing the 50+ chapter Memoirs of her late father, Dale Allen, lifelong newsman and lover of journalism.

Kendall Allen Rockwell
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