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Jim Meskauskas

Co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer, Media Darwin

Jim Meskauskas has over twenty-five years experience in both traditional and digital advertising, strategy, media planning, buying, analytics and measurement. He is co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Media Darwin, a boutique-consulting firm devoted to practicing those disciplines as well as evaluating and recommending resources and integrations — technology, data and analytics, talent structure — used for accomplishing them.

He’s also a "mediologist." What's a mediologist? Someone who examines the uses of technology and human symbolic activity as a means of cultural transmission -- specifically but not exclusively -- through electronic media with the goal of understanding the impact on society. This includes the impact on business, political, and social activity.

His likes are Star Wars merchandise, B-horror films, southeast Asian cuisine, and medieval cookery. His dislikes are people who read while walking, the use of the word “utilize” when “use” will do, pineapple on pizza, and TikTok.

He studied literature and philosophy at UC Berkeley and read literature and history of science at Merton College, Oxford.

He lives in New York City with his wife and their three rescue cats. None of them likes his medieval cooking.

Jim Meskauskas
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